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You have the option to appeal against the charge you have received. However we would issue the following guidance should you wish to pursue this course.

A parking charge is issued if a vehicle is parked in contravention of the advertised conditions on property we own, lease or have been contracted to patrol. Please be aware that our signage meets or exceeds the requirements of the International Parking Community codes of conduct.

However, if you feel you have grounds for appeal, please do so within 21 days of issue noting the conditions below:

Appeals Procedure

Should you wish to pursue an appeal, please ensure your appeal contains the following information or we will be unable to process it:-

  • Your PCN number
  • Your name and full postal address including postcode
  • Whether you were the driver, keeper or hirer of the vehicle on the date in question (we cannot consider an appeal without this information)
  • Your vehicle registration number
  • The date of the contravention
  • Any copies of evidence you have to support your appeal
  • Your contact telephone number and email address

  • Appeals will NOT be considered for the following reasons:

  • Your ticket fell down/was blown off the dashboard/on the seat etc.
  • Your ticket was not displayed clearly, face up, on the dashboard of your vehicle
  • You forgot to display your ticket
  • You went to get some change
  • You did not know it was a Pay & Display car park
  • You were only a few minutes overdue
  • You only stopped for a few minutes
  • Please clearly state your reason for appeal and detail any other information you feel is relevant. This must be done within 21 days from the date on which the parking charge was issued or the appeal cannot be heard, or within 14 days if you wish any discounted payment period to be honoured. Our Appeals Department will respond in writing or by email within 28 days with a decision.
    The amount outstanding WILL NOT increase whilst we consider your Appeal. If your appeal was received within the discount payment period, the opportunity to pay the reduced charge will be extended after a decision has been made.

    Pay & Display car parks apply conditions of parking that Pay & Display tickets must be clearly displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle, with the issue and expiry time clearly visible to our staff. If failure to display or incorrectly display a ticket is the reason for the charge you have received, any appeal would be dealt with by our appeals team reviewing the photographic evidence supplied by our enforcement officers. In this case producing a valid ticket, after the event, for the time the charge was issued with an appeal would not be sufficient cause to cancel a notice.

    Please note that only in the event that you are unable to access the internet should you appeal your parking charge by post. Please use the following address and ensure that your appeal meets the requirements set out under ‘Appeals Procedure’ above: Premier Parking Solutions Ltd, PO Box 471, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 9FX

    We aim to provide a fair appeals service carried out by our experienced appeals team. The team uses photographic evidence, reports from our on-site operatives and your correspondence when dealing with any dispute.

    If your appeal is unsuccessful you have the opportunity to appeal to an independent appeals service, details of which will be provided to you at the appropriate time.

    Please note we will defend ourselves vigorously and consider recovering costs against any County Court action that may be issued against us. Please refer to the news section on the right of this page for latest court reports.

    Refunds of any payments received will only be provided if an appeal is approved by our appeals manager.

    A summary of motorist obligations can be found within the International Parking Community’s publication called “Marking the Lines: Addressing the Parking (Code of Practice) Act 2019 and the Importance of Protecting Private Land”

    Please see this publication by clicking the link below. the lines v1 14102019.pdf

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    03-03-2017 Further success in court for PPS
    PPS continue to have success in the County Courts with recent victories in Truro, Bodmin, Plymouth, Torquay, Exeter and Birmingham, following up on unpaid PCNs. Drivers are still going to courts in the belief that PCNs issued on private land are somehow invalid. This is despite the Protection of Freedoms Act cementing in law the legality of the issuing of PCNs on private land and the transferring of the liability to registered keepers if the drivers are not identified. This statute has been further clarified by the supreme courts ruling in Parking Eye v Beavis where additionally the Lords agreed that the charges levied were fair and reasonable
    10-11-2015 NEWS FLASH
    Judgments on ParkingEye Ltd v Beavis 04-11-2015

    PPS can confirm that the above judgment and the highest Court in this country decided that ParkingEyes parking charge notice is enforceable on the basis that it protected a legitimate interest (to deter parking contraventions against the advertised terms and conditions of parking) and was not extravagant, exorbitant nor unconscionable. The parking charge is not an unenforceable penalty and does not breach the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. This is an important clarification of the law and one which cements the lawful authority of private car park management companies to operate on the land on which they manage, lease or own.

    At para 107 of the ParkingEye judgment the Court said that ParkingEye has :

    "a legitimate interest in imposing a liability on Mr Beavis in excess of the damages that would have been recoverable at common law. ParkingEye had an interest in inducing him (in this case to observe the two-hour time limit) in order to enable customers of the retail outlets and other members of the public to use the available parking space".

    This ruling was subsequently cemented in the County Court in Plymouth on 05-11-2015 where the district Judge referred heavily to the Supreme Court ruling in upholding PPSs claim for an unpaid PCN and further held that PPSs PCN of £100 was fair and reasonable, together with additional legal costs of £50 added to the outstanding PCN.

    19-03-2015 Further court success
    At the Country Court in Plymouth, PPS recently won a case against a motorist who constantly failed to pay and display. In total a Judgment was made against the motorist for 10 outstanding Parking Charge Notices (PCN)s totalling £1000 and an additional £270 in legal costs. In another case, at the County Court in Horsham the District Judge again found in our favour against a driver who failed to pay their outstanding PCN after appealing to the independent adjudicator (POPLA) and losing that appeal. In this case £75 legal costs were added to the outstanding £100.

    Last week at Exeter County Court a motorist disputed our claim against them for payment of an outstanding PCN where the driver had gone to POPLA and lost that appeal. In this instance the driver said we had no legal authority to operate and the PCN was not a genuine pre estimation of loss (GPEOL). In summary when ruling in favour of PPS, the Judge opined that landowners were legally and perfectly entitled to delegate the authority to others to manage their car parks and issue PCNs where appropriate. The Judge further stated that the PCN was a GPEOL and was fully explained and justified by PPS as such. Therefore it was found that the defendants case was without merit. PPS were awarded the £100 for the outstanding PCN and £137 in costs.